Fantasy Cricket : A Skill game or Gambling

Now a days, with the advent of T20’s, cricket is getting popularized all over the world. Every international cricketing country has started there own T20 leagues in order to find and nourish the talent available in there domestic circuit. Such T20 leagues are IPL, BPL, PPL, CPL, BBL and due to such leagues fan base of cricket has got spread all over the world. 

With its increasing popularity, gaming sites have found unique ways to indulge people in cricket tournaments played all across the world. Nowadays there are lot of fantasy cricket sites available on web, Fantasy Cricket is a part of the Fantasy Sport genre.It is an online game where you create a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how the chosen players perform in that specific live match. To be a winner, your team must attain maximum points than the other members joined in that tournament.

Various such Fantasy cricketing sites are Draft King, Dream11, Oye Captain, Play2Earn, Money9ball, ICC fantasy league, IPL fantasy league, Cricbattle,11 Champs etc. Anyone can easily find and create account on them, as they are always seen in some adds or on social networking sites. Many user’s earn lot of money from it,sometimes they even win lakhs in a day.
In some country fantasy sites are legal and in some they are prohibited considering it to be similar to gambling. In USA, where cricket is enjoyed largely by Indian sub-continent diaspora, Fantasy cricket has tremendous potential. In USA, states like Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana, Montana, Washington have rules against fantasy sports, so users from this states are prohibited on fantasy sites. Still the Fantasy Football is extremely popular across the country.
The Fantasy Cricket is completely legal in India except Assam and Odissa because in India there is no laws against fantasy gaming. Fantasy gaming is a game of skill and is not related to sports betting or any sort of gambling, as no user/fans picks one team, rather they have to create a single team, having combination of players from both the team based on there skill and performance in the past. So on fantasy cricketing sites, users are not gambling on any outcome of any match. 

Many T20 tournaments such as IPL, BPL starts there own fantasy gaming leagues during there respective season. In recently conducted T20 world cup,2016 ICC itself started there own fantasy leagues which prolonged till the tournament ending. ICC aim was to involve fans in each and every game and make game even more exciting.

Recently, ICC Anti-Corruption Unit, Chairman Ronnie Flagon created a video for the fantasy players across the world , and encouraged fans to be a part of fantasy cricket as it promotes cricket all around the world.

I personally feels for Indians, Dream11 is the best site for playing fantasy cricket in India and it also provides fast withdrawal than any other fantasy sites. But i will ask you all fantasy players/fans to look fantasy cricket as a chance to be your own coach and enjoy your winnings,instead of treating it as a permanent source of income because one single decision from government can ruin your source of income. So enjoy and full until and unless any laws are drawn out against it.

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