Who should be Captaining Indian Team : Dhoni or Kholi

In Indian cricket one of the most trending question among the cricketing fans is who should be captaining in ODI’s, Kohli or Dhoni. This question is increasing day by day, because of the enormous success of Test team under the leadership of young Kohli.

Dhoni has been leading the team since 2007. He is undoubtedly one of the best captain India have ever seen. Under his captaincy Indian team has achieved many milestones such as No.1 rank team both in Test and ODI’s. Under his captaincy India has won inaugural T20 World Cup,2007 in South Africa, 50 over World Cup,2011 in India, also Champions Trophy,2013 in England. he has achieved everything what a captain dream in his career.

Dhoni with 2011 World Cup

As a batsmen he have career average of 52 in ODI’s and 38 in Tests. He was always in top 10 of ICC Batsmen ranking in ODI, that indeed show how consistent he was as a player and he always have been the crucial wicket for the opposition. Beside batting and captaincy, his unorthodox  wicket keeping skill are also very much effective. He is also known for quick running between the wickets, which is very much impressive at this age.

He have great record as captain in subcontinent across all formats. But with string of away losses in Test for nearly 2 years, he retired from test after loosing test series in Australia in 2014. He is currently leading ODI and T20 squad. He is always super cool on field, and never express his emotions on the field which indeed is a great quality to posses.

Kohli has been handed the captaincy in test, after Dhoni retirement. He has lead the team very well and he enjoy this extra responsibility. He already had the experience of the leading the Under 19 team in World Cup which India won. 

Indian Test team

With captaincy his batting has also improved, and currently is the best batsman  in the world. He is currently holding No.1 rank as batsman, across all formats. He is very much expressive on field, and wears heart on his sleeves while playing for India.

ICC ranking

India are now playing more Test than ODI’s, which keep Dhoni away from cricket for long time. And it’s always difficult to come immediately in team and adapt to the conditions. There is no lack of passion in Dhoni, but the time away from cricket is not helping him to play as effectively as he was in his prime years.

So i personally feel Dhoni should lead the side till Champions Trophy,2017 to be played in England. After that let BCCI decide who should be leading team India across all formats. 


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