Fab Four Of World Cricket

The history of the cricket started hundreds of years ago in 16 century. Since than world has seen many fantastic players such as Sir. Don Bradman, Clive Lloyd, Sir Viv RichardsSir Kapil Dev , Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Waugh and the list never ends. But there are some legendary players, who just by just their performance ruled the cricketing world for long time.

India was really lucky to have four such players within a team, at the same time and the fans called them “Fab Four”. Fab Four included Master Blaster – Sachin Tendulkar, The Wall – Rahul Dravid, Dada- Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman.      

The Fab Four was most renowned group of batsmen all over the world, and played nearly 12 years together. And fans believed they were the pillars of Indian team, and their combined presence increased the strength of Indian team to a level that was never seen before or since. Even though they have retired now, there aura was such that, whenever the fans hear the word “Fab” this player’s strike the mind of fan’s.
They have played 80 test together, let us review their performance in test during this duration. Among them Sachin was the best, alongside was Dravid having the best average among them. Laxman was also special, but Ganguly just had mere average of 35.0 which was a weak link in Fab Four, but fan’s loved his attacking leadership skill.

But also another interesting fact is that during this period India didn’t had great wining record in test.
Below is a small proof of it, India had only managed a win-loss ratio of 0.98, which was bettered later in 2008 when Ganguly got retired.
Undoubtedly Fab Four  were among the best, when compared to other group of batsmen in Australia, West Indies of late 80’s and the stats proves that too.

Now as the T20 cricket has emerged and became so popular, test cricket has seen a little bit of set back in some countries. But the fan’s in India, England , Australia, New Zealand are still very animated to see Test cricket. This all team has one top rated young batsmen each and fan’s expectation with this player’s are increasing day by day.

Fan’s all over the cricketing world are looking towards the rivalry between this “Fab Four”. The next generation  “Fab Four” are Virat Kohli (India), Joe Root (England), Steve Smith (Australia), Kane Williamson (New Zealand). This four player’s are in early stages of there career, but are already leading there team in one format of game, this specify how much trust there cricket board has in them.

 Cricket pundits also believe that this  four player’s will be ruling the cricketing world for next generation. Martin Crove former New Zealand skipper said in an interview that “Kane Williamson from New Zealand, Virat Kohli from India, Joe Root from England and Steven Smith from Australia. No one from the other countries quite matches these players as far as test cricket is concerned
Even in the ICC Test ranking this player’s has a great friendly rivalry among them. Currently Steve Smith (1st), Virat Kohli(2nd), Joe Root(3rd), Kane Williamson(4th). In terms of number of century scored till date Smith(16) is leading the pack, followed up with Kohli(15), Williamson(14),Root(11).


The cricketing fraternity across the world, is eager to watch them because they all have different sort of technique. Kohli is very much an attacking player, Smith is more sort of an orthodox play, Root and Williamson are both wristy players. The common thing among them is that they all had period of extreme failure in very young age. They all enjoy the similar responsibilities in their team, and the most important fact is that they still have the hunger to contribute in each match they play for there respective country.

All four have similar talent, hunger, responsibility, ambition. All four will reach peak form in a few year’s time. Then it will be interesting too see who will be No.1 batsman in the world. I personally feel  their will be no competition for Kohli in ODI’s. In Test format Kohli and Smith both has equal chance because Kohli is fittest batsmen in world and will have no problem in longevity but India have to play most of its Test on home soil only and Indian pitches as we all know are not batting friendly pitch as Australian pitch’s.


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